Q&A with @anikakii

We had the opportunity to get to know german style blogger @anikakii. Known for her minimal and dreamy aesthetic all over Instagram. We got to learn more about her new life in Chicago, how it all began and her fave accounts to follow on Instagram. Keep reading to find out more...
What does a typical day in the life of you look like?
I wake up at 6:45 am, do my morning workout in the gym or outside. After I’ll have breakfast and catch up on E-mails and IG work. Sometimes I’ll have a FaceTime date with a family member in Germany. At noon I meet up with my husband to grab a coffee or shoot some looks or just enjoy each other's company while he's on his lunch break. Then I’ll take care of our household...that means grocery shopping, apartment cleaning, cooking, and laundry. 
What is something that people may not know about you?
Some people may not know that I’m from Germany and moved to the states about 1 ½ years ago because of the love of my life--now husband.
How would you describe your style in 3 words?
Edgy, Sporty, and Classy
You were seen wearing our 'Cream Faux Fur Teddy Coat'...What do you like most about our coat?
I love this coat so much, it’s the fluffiest coat I’ve ever worn. It makes every look unique.
What is your ultimate goal in life?
My ultimate goal in life would be a happy life with my husband and our future children at a place we love until we are getting old and grey. But also grow my career with social media so I can live from it.
What is your best advice in 4 words?
Do what makes you Happy.
Who are your fave accounts to follow on Instagram?
and more!!!
Who is your style icon/inspo?
I’m absolutely in love with the personality,style, and inspo of @hannahschonberg page.
Where is your favorite place in the world that you have travelled to?
Laguna Beach, California. It’s so cute over there.
Where would you travel to next?
I would like to check out Scottsdale or Phoenix in Arizona. Florida, Nepal is also really interesting. But I hope soon we can travel back to Germany to visit my family.
What's your go to outfit for...
A chilled day: 
My go to outfit for a chilled day is definitely sweatpants and a hoodie.
A night out/ date night:
A night out outfit would be a dress with a blazer, some golden jewelry and high boots or sneakers. It depends on how much walking there will be. And a date night outfit would actually be my most recent post with the black sweatshirt/pullover dress, the black belt, stockings with cute polka dots on it and chain boots.
Now, quick fire time!!!
Definitely flats
Vintage with all my heart 
Early mornings for sure 
Summer or Winter?
Summer! And I miss it so much in Chicago right now.
Phone call or text?
Text, can’t forget things so easily with a text.
Pizza or Pasta?
Both are really close to each other but I choose Pasta:).
Adventurous or cautious?
Adventurous, I think my whole life is already an adventure.
Chocolates or Roses?
Roses, I prefer white ones.
Chicago or Germany?
That's a tricky one, of course I love my home country and family in Germany, but I chose the love of my life in Chicago.

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